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Bengali Wedding Rituals

Everything You Need To Know About Bengali Wedding Rituals
Jan 07, 2018

Are you a Bengali and planning to get married as per Hindu custom and procedures? Then you need to know more about Bengali wedding rituals. Read Now! Bengali weddings truly are a lot of fun, because there are tons of interesting rituals that happen before, during and after the wedding. But, in case you are unfamiliar with Bengali wedding rituals and unaware of what exactly happens during a Bong wedding, this guide ought to sort you out!


Pre-Wedding Bengali Rituals

1. Ashirbaad

Elders from the groom's side go bless the bride, and elders from the bride's side go bless the groom. Husked rice and trefoil are sprinkled on the couple's heads and they both receive golden trinkets to symbolize acceptance from both families involved. 

2. Aai Budo Bhaat

Before the wedding day, the bride and grooms are thrown a feast in their own homes to celebrate their last meal as unmarried individuals. And, guests tend to sing and dance, as well.


3. Dodhi Mongol

On the day of the wedding, at dawn, seven married ladies decorate the bride's hands with red and white bangles - shakha and paula as per Bengali wedding rituals. And, they feed her curd rice, which is her only meal for the day. Also, nearby relatives gather water from a nearby water body into a pitcher. 

4. Tattva, Gal Holud and Snan

On the day of the wedding, both families send gifts {tattva} to one another. The groom's family offers the bride a new saree to be worn during gae holud, as well as a decorated fish, makeup, sweets and much more. Turmeric paste is applied to the groom's body in the gae holud ceremony and then the same paste is applied to the bride's body. Water that was brought in a pitcher, earlier, is used during the snan {shower} ceremony.



Bengali wedding rituals (Step by Step Process)


1. Bor Jatri

The groom's family and friends head to the bride's house - where the wedding is happening - in their best attire. 

2. Bor Boron

When the groom's side reaches the bride's house, her mother and close family members welcome them with lit earthen lamps, sweets, drinks and the works. 

3. Potto Bastra

The groom is seated at the wedding altar and canopy and is offered new clothes by the bride's side. 

4. Saat Paak & Subho Dristi 


As per bengali wedding rituals, the bride's brothers lift her up, while she is seated on a low wooden stool called a pidi, with her eyes covered with a pair of betel leaves, and she is circled around the groom in seven circles. Finally, they look each other, while conch shells play in the background, along with ululation. 

5. Mala Badal 

Afterward, the bride and groom exchange garlands of flowers - the bride is still seated on the pidi!

6. Subho Dristi

Once the bride and groom have exchanged garlands, they finally look at each other directly. 


7. Sampradan

The bride finally sits at the wedding altar, and an elderly male member of her family hands her over to the groom. The bride and groom's hands are bound by a sacred thread as per bengali wedding rituals, as chants continue in the background. Eventually, their hands are placed on a mangal ghot, which is a brass pitcher filled with water and covered with mango leaves attached to one twig; a green coconut is placed on this pitcher. 


8. Yagna

The couple sits in front of the sacred fire and chant mantras the priest recites. And, they take seven circular rounds around the fire. 

9. Anjali

Afterward, the bride's brother makes an offering of puffed rice into the bride's hands. And, the groom reaches around to hold her hands and they extend their arms toward the fire to pour the offering together as one unit.

10. Sindoor Daan and Ghomta

Seated, once again, the groom applies sindoor on the bride's parted hair. And, the bride then covers her hair with her sari's veil. The sari is a new one the groom's side offers her.



Post-Wedding Bengali Rituals

1. Bidaay

A farewell to the bride, her family wish her a happy journey ahead as she begins a new chapter in her life.

2. Kaal Ratri

Upon reaching the groom's house, a small welcome ceremony happens and the couple is then separated for the night.

3. Bou Bhaat and Bodhu Boron

The bride cooks a meal for her new family, and all the guests treat the bride to gifts.

4. Phool Shojja

The couple is finally left alone in their bedroom, with their bed decorated with beautiful flowers. 

5. Subho Chandi Satyanarayan Pujo

A post-wedding pujo happens for the couple's well-being. 

6. Oshto Mangala 

Eight days after the wedding, the couple visits the bride's home for a lavish lunch, ending all the Bengali wedding rituals. 

We hope you are now familiar with all major elements of a Bengali wedding!

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