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7 Reasons Why Second Marriage is a Good Idea

Why Second Marriage is a Good Idea
Jan 07, 2018

Divorce can be a very emotionally draining process. And, often times things can get so disheartening one almost loses all faith in love and relationships. However, before you vow to stay forever alone, consider all the pros of getting married a second time around. There are several reasons that explain the second marriage is a good idea, and we’re going to share them all with you, one-by-one!

  1. Marriage Is Good For Your Well-Being – Why give love another shot? Well, it’s healthier to be paired up with someone! Everyone needs companionship at some point in their life. And, even research studies indicate being in love, and especially being in a relationship, is beneficial for your health and soul.



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  2. Fresh Start, Your Way – Often times when you get married the first time it is out of impulse, or even family pressure. However, when you think that second marriage is a good idea and you are getting married a second time around, you can do because you want to, not because you need to.

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  3. Pickier & Wiser Second marriage is a good idea certainly because after going through a divorce, chances are you know exactly what you do want, and also what you certainly do not want, in both a partner and a relationship. Hence, when you’re meeting new people, you can see all the red flags and only invest in people you can accept as is. Marriage teaches you what you see is what you get and you know that very well after having been in one already you cannot change someone! Hence, you know how to be picky the second time around and are wiser to filter potential partners based on a realistic approach.

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  4. It’s A Brand New You – People tend to change with time, including you. A second marriage offers the brand new chance to commit to a lifetime of happiness with a partner who is mature, stable and on the exact same wavelength as you. Most couples who consider second marriage is a good idea and remarry tend to share more common ground with their new spouse, and that’s fantastic.

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  5. You’re Better Prepared – Often times people have a very unrealistic view of how marriage works. But, you know marriage is hard work and you’re mentally prepared for each step of the journey.  You also know when to compromise, when to stand your ground, when to take ownership of your mistakes and when to let things go. There are fewer mind games in a second marriage because things are usually much more transparent.

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  6. Better Intimacy – One of the best things about a second marriage is that intimacy is fabulous. You know exactly what you want in the bedroom and how to give and receive. Also, couples who are getting remarried know how to value alone time.

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  7. A New Adventure – And, most importantly, a second marriage is a brand new adventure. It’s a fresh start you give a brand new you to fall deeply into a commitment with someone you love. And, that’s beautiful and exciting!

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